About Hicks Group

Hicks Group owns and operates real estate and real estate-based companies in London, Ontario, Canada. Through the careful and thorough analysis of each investment opportunity, we offer our investors a range of investment products custom-geared for their individual requirements and financial position.

Our Process

The first step to working with our investors is to properly understand who each investor is, their investment goals and time frames. As part of our standard, caring for our investors' well-being is more important to us than generating profits. For this reason, we ensure that all of our investors have undergone a personal financial analysis and have such things as life insurance, a will, and a comprehensive investment plan & strategy.

Upon completing our initial secure analysis, we set to work at forming a corporation to be jointly owned by the particular investor and a branch of Hicks Group. This step allows for more tax-intelligent income, that being dividends, as well as other very beneficial attributes that come by being a Canadian shareholder and property owner.

By offering the expertise of an established team of experienced, knowledgeable professionals, our objective is to provide our investors with a stable return on their investments whilst providing our tenants with well-serviced housing solutions for their specific budgets, ranging from high-end, carefully appointed condominiums and villas to single family dwellings.

Our Mission

To be the best company we can be for our clients, employees and shareholders.

Our Values

We value trust, integrity, honesty, hard work and the patience to see things through.